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Sri Lanka - An underrated destination that needs to be Discovered.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

When discussing Sri Lanka, the first question that comes to mind is: Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

Here is the response to this question.

Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

There is no doubt that Sri Lanka is completely safe for travelers.

Our recent visit to Sri Lanka revealed that there are no restrictions for travelers in Sri Lanka, and the locals were very welcoming to tourists.

There were cleaned and maintained roads, streets, and tourist attractions.

As a result, the conclusion is that Sri Lanka is completely safe for tourism. Sri Lanka is ranked among the top 20 best destinations to visit in the world.

Here, is the reason Why

Beginning with the mountainous states of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of the world's most famous islands, and it has remained so for generations. This lovely island, known as "a teardrop in the Indian Ocean," has been recorded in ancient writings from Europe, Arabia, and India.

Sri Lanka is also called a hill country

The three best hill stations in Sri Lanka are:

Nuwara Eliya - The town of Nuwara Eliya is best known in Sri Lanka for its tea industry. Apart from the tea plantations, popular attractions in the town include Horton Plains National Park, Gregory Lake, and Sita Temple.

Kandy - Is known as a pilgrimage destination for the Temple of the Tooth Relic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the importance and spiritual significance of this temple, Kandy is a spiritual city.

Ella - is popular with both day hikers and more experienced trekkers. Little Adam's Peak and Ella Rock are two popular excursions in the area, not to mention Ravana Falls and other nearby waterfalls.

Sri Lanka is fast gaining international recognition as one of the world's most stunning beach locations.

The Top 3 famous Beaches in Sri Lanka are:-

Hiriketiya Beach - Is a public beach in Dikwella, Matara district. It's a little beach with good surfing waves. There are a few restaurants and hotels in the surrounding neighborhood, which is serene and peaceful. Surfers will love Hiriketiya Beach.

Bentota Beach - is a coastal town in Sri Lanka's Southern Province, located in the Galle District. It is about 65 kilometers (40 miles) south of Colombo.

Mirissa Beach - Is also known as the "Whale Watching Beach." Mirissa is a tiny town on Sri Lanka's south coast, in the Matara District of the Southern Province.

Top tourists attractions in Sri Lanka are:-

Yala National Park -

This is where you may go on a safari in the Sri Lankan tradition. The large national park that borders the Indian Ocean is home to a broad range of ecosystems. From the coastal sea habitat to grasslands and tropical rainforests inland.

Colombo Lotus Tower -

One of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka is also one of the newest and tallest structures in the country. The Colombo Lotus Tower, South Asia's largest free-standing tower, debuted in 2019. Although it is a famous tourist attraction, the tower was created for a much more practical reason: it serves as the central hub for the country's radio, television, and mobile phone networks and antennae. The 1,168-foot (368-meter) tall lotus bulb-inspired tower, which overlooks the entire city and the Indian Ocean, is a terrific site to take Instagram-worthy photos.

Sri Lanka National Museum -

This expansive museum, formerly known as the National Museum of Colombo, covers the interesting narrative of the Sri Lankan people and culture. Antiques, artwork, jewelry, coins, money, arms, and crafts are among the things in the museum's collection.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress -

This ancient rock fortification was formerly the mountaintop palace of the island's king. The Palace ruins, which are thought to have been built between the fourth and fifth century CE, are located at the top of a 660-foot (220-meter) rock structure. Large frescoes were painted on the mountain's flanks, and halfway up the mountain is a giant doorway sculpted in the shape of a lion. The structure's name means "lion rock" in ancient Sanskrit. The palace above and the city complex below are two of the most significant examples of first-millennium urban planning in the world. The ruins are in the Central Province of the nation, near the town of Dambulla.

Golden Temple of Dambulla

There are natural caverns all around Sri Lanka that have been extended and excavated to become cave temples. They venerate Buddha and other deities (as well as a few rulers) with enormous statues and relics, as do other temples.

Galle Dutch Fort

This 16th-century Dutch fortification and the walled town have become a popular tourist destinations. The majority of the structures, which were originally built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, originated from the Dutch colonial period in the 17th century. It's more than a fort; it's a little walled community, complete with residences, churches, a mosque, and numerous shops all within the fortress walls. Sri Lanka may appears to be small island nation on this planet, however, the natural beauty of this place is breath-takingly amazing. One has to visit Sri Lanka to feel the real essence of this island country

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