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Top 10 "Must-Visit" Destinations in the year 2023

These are some of the top tourist destinations that should be visited in 2023 based on their popularity in 2022.


22.78 Million


19.10 Million


19.09 Million


15.93 Million


14.67 Million

Kuala Lumpur

13.79 Million

New York

13.60 Million


13.40 Million


12.93 Million


12.41 Million

Mother Earth and humanity have collaborated to produce some of the most stunning spots in the world. From bustling metropolia to breathtaking national parks, it's difficult to keep your bucket list static. These are the world's 10 most visited cities in the year 2022, based on iconic sites, culture, food, and ease of travel.

Bangkok - 22.78 Million Visitors

Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is the most visited city in the world, with 22 million international tourists!

Bangkok's sights, activities, and city life appeal to a wide range of visitors. Its significant historical and cultural tourism attractions are royal palaces and temples, as well as museums. Shopping and dining experiences provide a variety of options and costs.

Paris - 19.10 Million Visitors

Paris is both the most visited city in Europe and the second most visited city in the entire globe. Beautiful, commanding monuments can be found around Paris. These prominent buildings are one of the city's most easily recognizable features and are frequent examples of a specific architectural era.

London - 19.09 Million Visitors

Undoubtedly, one of the most favored cities in the world is London.

There are attractions in London for every taste, and there is always something intriguing happening in the city. No matter how long you want to live in London, there are plenty of attractions, museums, cultural exhibitions, and adventures to keep you entertained.

Dubai - 15.93 Million Visitors

Dubai emerges in all its modern splendor from the desert.

One of the most well-liked travel destinations worldwide is Dubai. The area is well known for its lavish shopping, five-star resorts, exciting nightlife, stunning architecture, and fantastic beaches.

Singapore - 14.67 Million Visitors

Singapore is a city built with the future in mind; it is creative and green.

Singapore has something for everyone, including a shopping frenzy, scrumptious culinary treats, breathtaking museums, exciting theme parks, and exotic gardens.

Kuala Lumpur - 13.79 Million Visitors

Allow the vibrant energy of Kuala Lumpur to fill your senses!

Kuala Lumpur is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning colonial architecture and captivating city charm. Petronas Towers, Menara KL Tower, Chinatown, Batu Caves, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Jalan Alor, and other attractions are just a few of the numerous locations that draw tourists here.

New York - 13.60 Million Visitors

New York—the place where dreams come true! While New York is highly recognised for many reasons, one of them is undoubtedly the talent and artistic prowess of its residents. If you're always ready for some quiet reflection and gorgeous scenery, this is a wonderful option. It's also a terrific location for some large, fascinating museums.

Istanbul - 13.40 Million Visitors

Istanbul is a historical treasure trove due to its advantageous location, which has seen several governing empires.

This distinctive metropolis, which is appreciated for its endearing surroundings and alluring vibe, is also a representation of the vibrant and contemporary city life. Istanbul boasts a vibrant environment that blends the past and present into one seamless whole, giving visitors a sense of universal history at every turn.

Tokyo - 12.93 Million Visitors

Tokyo is the future metropolis, if there ever was one. The Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya Crossing are two famous sites in Tokyo. It is renowned for its sakura tree-lined streets, shrines, and temples, as well as for its superb cuisine, otaku culture, and first-rate transportation infrastructure. It's a peculiar city where centuries-old customs coexist with cutting-edge technology.

Antalya - 12.41 Million Visitors

Set out for the fashionable and beautiful Antalya, which is situated along the Turkish Riviera. The city has a lot of beautiful beaches and attractive locations for tourists because it includes the Mediterranean coastline. Some of the areas are even more enticing because they feature mountains and an azure sea in the background. Antalya's captivating rivers, waterfalls, and luxuriant greenery are unmatched.

Due to their vibrant local cultures and wide range of attractions, these cities have earned the distinction of being the most visited cities in the world.

This ranking of the world's most popular cities has demonstrated that tourists choose their destinations less for their ability to spend money and more for the comforts of home.

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