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Diwali weekend - Places to visit during this holiday season

Trying to find a place to go this Diwali? Are you having trouble finding it? Don’t worry, Here TOC Tours offers you the answer to your query. You may find some of the amazing places to visit in India below for your Diwali weekend trip.

India's party capital is Goa -

As part of the Diwali festival, bhaubija and the first day of the New Year are also observed. Huge effigies of the demon Narkasura are created in Goa and burned before dawn. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights since the night of the festival is decorated with millions of flickering candles and a conflagration of fireworks and firecrackers. As a result “Goa”, is the first destination we would recommend for your Diwali gateways.

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Udaipur, The city of lakes -

The stately city of Udaipur draws thousands of visitors because of its picturesque landscape, which includes regal palaces, charming lakes, and picture-perfect mountains. Around the time of Diwali, Udaipur experiences a large influx of tourists from all across the nation. Due to the historical buildings being decorated with sparkling lights and the joyful feeling permeating the entire area, the city appears especially lovely during the holiday season. The Udaipur Lantern Festival is one dazzling occasion that takes place around this time. The second-place gateway for the Diwali weekend belongs to “Udaipur”.

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Mysore - “ Pride of Karnataka” -

The entire city is aglow with lights on Diwali. However, the Mysore Palace, which is a spectacular sight at night, is unquestionably the best part. Diyas and rangolis composed of colors and patterns are frequently used to decorate houses. The majority of the nearby locations are ornamented, including the important Somnathpuram temple and Brindavan Gardens. One can find sweet booths in every nook and cranny during Diwali since sharing sweets is thought to be a very essential element of the holiday. Mysore” is the third amazing location we will offer you during this Diwali.

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Jammu and Kashmir - “heaven on earth” -

Diwali is an important holiday for the Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir. Diwali lights up the entire city. The inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir would also buy new items for their homes during this time. The elders of the household observe a full day of fasting and offer prayers to goddess Lakshmi in observance of Diwali, one of the ancient customs for Kashmiri Pandits. The celebration of Diwali includes wearing new clothing, listening to music, and giving cash as a present. There is no need to describe Jammu and Kashmir's beauty. to know more about Kashmir tour packages click the link

Kovalam- “The jewel of the South” -

Although Diwali is not a significant celebration in Kerala, it is nonetheless observed there. The Kovalam beach is an absolute must-see if you're in Kerala during Diwali. A large group of tourists gathers here to light Diya and set it on the beach's sand. On Diwali, the entire beach will be illuminated, not to mention the accompanying firecrackers.

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